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Guide to Choosing a Contractor

At Anckor Construction Inc., we understand that choosing a contractor for your home renovation project is one of the important decisions. To help you with your renovation project’s biggest decision, we’ve compiled a list of things to ask the contractor and consider.

Questions to Ask the Contractor:

How long have you been working as a contractor?

Are you formally trained or how did you acquire your experience?

Do you belong to any professional associations?

Are you insured and bonded?

Are you registered and licensed?

Do you provide written warranties?

Have you ever completed a job like this before?

Do you have any references I may get in touch with?

Will this project require a permit? If yes, who is responsible for obtaining it?

What happens if I want something to be changed midway through the project?

Will you provide options for various materials?

Can you estimate how long this project will take?

Do you provide me with a clear, written contract of all features of the project?

What are the payment terms?

The Lowest Bid Is Not Always the Best Bet

If you’re buying a car, it makes good sense to get three bids and to go with the lowest one will be the best bet. A home renovating contractor offering a low bid may be tempting, but it can reflect in many things, including cheap materials, inadequate safety precautions, poor craftsmanship, contractor incompetence and experience, and lack of insurance or licensing. So it is always suggested to choose a contractor with great reputation, experience and record of accomplishment to do your job over a low-bidding contractor.

Questions to Ask References

At Anckor Construction Inc., we always request you to check out a company’s references and reputation. Though it may seem unnecessary effort, it will help you in avoiding huge expenses that result from hiring a low-bidding contractor who performs an inadequate job. “Quality is never the cheapest” – this old saying is a truth well-worth thinking about before deciding on a contractor. Below are the questions you can ask references:

Were you happy with your renovation project?

Were there any unexpected expenses?

Was the renovation completed on time?

Would you prefer choosing the contractor again?

Would you recommend this contractor?

Did workers show up on time and regularly?

Did the contractor clean up the site after completing the job?

Did you have any warranty issues, and were they dealt with to your satisfaction?

Your Home Is a Personal Reflection of You and Your Lifestyle

Your home portrays you and your lifestyle; this means that you should take the right decision while hiring a contractor. You will not only get your job completed on time, but you’ll also protect your hard-earned money, while avoiding the headache that comes with choosing a wrong contractor. If you’ve any questions or want to learn more, contact Anckor Construction today.

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